Based in the middle of Somerset, England, Otter Software is a software development consultancy.

In addition to developing apps for Apple’s ecosystem we also create web-based systems and automation solutions.

Otter Software has one full-time employee, Simon Wolf, who made it his main source of income in April 2010.

Prior to that, since graduating in 1994, Simon had developed software for companies that spanned a diverse range of industries and sizes ranging from transportation to broadcasting, from oil pipeline engineering to travel.



Otter Software develops applications and solutions using a variety of technologies. Below are some of the ones we have used over the last few years.

macOS applications written in both Objective-C and Swift

iOS applications written in both Objective-C and Swift

Apple TV applications written in Swift and using TVML

On-line systems using Node.js, MongoDB and Meteor

Data analysis and processing scripts written in Python

Automation solutions for macOS written in AppleScript

For further details please see the sections below covering app development, web-based systems and scripting.



We have developed apps for Apple’s macOS and iOS ecosystems using both Objective-C and Swift. We have also developed a TVML app for Apple TV which also used JavaScript and PHP.

Some of the projects we have worked on are listed below.

A macOS video encoding system

An iOS media tagging app

A macOS metadata management tool

A macOS golf swing analysis tool

An iOS video library app

An iOS year planner app

A macOS timeline control

A TVML Apple TV video library app



We inherited, completed and now maintain and enhance a system for a company who supply GPS tracking devices to people with dementia and GPS alarm devices to lone workers and other vulnerable people.

The system comprises two main elements. A back-end receives incoming data from the devices and converts the messages into locations as well as performing tasks such as generating alarms, geofence alerts and low battery warnings. The front-end is a responsive, reactive web site which allows the locations of devices to be displayed on a map, shows location histories, allows geofences and low battery alerts to be configured, etc.

The system was built around a MongoDB database and the back-end was written in Node.js and the front-end using the Meteor JavaScript framework.

It gives us great pleasure to say that one of our systems really does save lives.


Scripting and automation are processes by which repetitive, often time-consuming, tasks can be performed automatically by a computer.

Whilst being incredibly useful, effective and cost-efficient, this is one area of our work which is incredibly hard to educate people about because a non-technical person usually cannot imagine the sorts of things that can be done.

Some examples of how we have helped people are below.

Identifying incoming emails which contain formatted data, parsing the contents and storing it in a database

Creating chapters in video files from data stored in text files

Generating thumbnail ‘card’ images from app icons which include the name of the app and the icon itself

Validating and cleansing data from multiple spreadsheets and inserting the data into a database

Processing the contents of folders to convert image files to a standard size for use on a web site

Parsing the contents of web pages to extract data which is inserted into a spreadsheet




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